Split testing, commonly referred to as A/B testing, is a test tool provided by TikTok Ads Manager which can help you test different variables of your campaign to determine which strategies work best.

For example, you can test two different sets of ad materials, provided that the remaining settings are the same, and see which performs better. You can also take two different audiences, given that all other advertising settings are the same, and compare which audience is more profitable.

Why use split testing?

Find the best advertising settings

Split testing allows you to test different versions of ads so that you can see the most effective ads and improve your ad settings in future campaigns. For example, you can test the same ad on two different audiences to determine which ad settings will produce better results.

Get scientific results

Split testing lets you know which audience/ad material/optimization approach performs better using a clean test with mutually exclusive exposed groups. When split testing, groups A and B will be exposed to two different groups of users, which allows your experiment to be carried out in a more scientific manner.

Optimize future ad settings

Split testing can help you experiment and identify new best practices to improve your advertising strategy. At the end of the split test, you can also choose to continue running the winning test plan and increase advertising traffic with just one click.

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