Daily Tasks

Daily Task Video Guide

Step-by-step Daily Task Video Guide

*NEW* Step 1: Dashboard

  1. Log In to Go High Level (you must be logged in for links to work)
  2. Navigate to Dashboard
  3. Under Tasks, check “Client Opened Email” notifications – be aware of these

*UPDATED* Step 2: Conversations

  1. *NEW* Check { Conversations > Manual Actions } for warm clients who have opened email
  2. *NEW* Call these clients who have opened email
  3. Check { Conversations > Unread } for any new texts, e-mails, etc.
  4. Check { Conversations > All } to stay up-to-date with texts, e-mails, etc.
  5. Respond immediately and appropriately to Conversations with Contacts

Step 2: Calendars

  1. Check { Calendars > Appointments } to stay up-to-date with Call Appointments
  2. Be punctual and attend any scheduled appointments and follow appropriate Script
    1. If Contact does not show up, mark “No-Show” under Calendars > Appointments (watch video)
    2. If Contact details are wrong, mark “Invalid” under Calendars > Appointments

Step 3: Opportunities

  1. Check { Opportunities > New }
  2. Contact leads under New and follow appropriate Script
    1. The daily goal is to have your Contact BOOK a Discovery Call with you
    2. If Contact is ready for Discovery Call, follow appropriate Script

Step 4: *New* Contacts

  1. Go to { Google Sheets Maven Victor Contacts }
  2. Add NEW Contacts to { Go High Level > Contacts } (watch video)
  3. Once Contact has been copied to Go High Level, mark contact as “Copied to GHL” under Status in Google Sheets Maven Victor Contacts (watch video)
  4. Call Contact and follow appropriate Script
  5. After call, move Contact under appropriate Pipeline stage (watch video)

Step 5: Housekeeping

  1. Check your Email (name@mavenvictor.com) to ensure you have responded to all correspondence
    1. Don’t respond to Clients via your inbox, respond to them in Go High Level > Conversations
  2. Write down in Google Keep any tasks or news that Mara/Team needs to read or accomplish
  3. Before end of day, check Calendars > Appointments to see what appointments you have the next work day