Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for The Wunder Company doing business as Maven Victor Ecommerce Agency (Referred to in further texts as the “Service Provider”)  And customers (Referred to as “Client” in further text)

  1. Services Provided
  • Data mining in Client’s current and former ad accounts, 
  • Client’s online store UI audit, 
  • Client’s social media account audit, 
  • Client’s video content audit, 
  • Audience research
  • Campaign testing including Interest, custom, and LLA audiences, 
  • Prospecting video campaigns, 
  • Creation and management of social proof campaigns, 
  • Creation and management retargeting campaigns, 
  • Creation and management of conversion campaigns, 
  • Weekly detailed reporting and up-to daily communication.

Specific timeframes of deliverables will be provided to Client but are subject to change in the occurrence of unforeseeable events or circumstances beyond the agency’s control.

The Client may avail from the Agency for consultation on the nature, timing and extent of these services either via email, over the telephone, in person, or at Client’s office.

  1. Expectations

Work will commence after receipt by the Service Provider of the agreed upon payment. 

The Client agrees to compensate the Agency a one-time set-up fee of $2,800. Additionally, Client agrees to compensate the Agency 18% of generated revenue from ad spend managed, payable in the following manner:

  • Ongoing: 18% monthly ad spend managed generated revenue fee
  • If the 18% of revenue generated falls below $8,000, Agency’s fee will revert to base rate retainer fee of $8,000 USD, after meeting guarantees
  • Where applicable, base rate retainer fee will be charged every 30th of the month, or on the 28th of February
  • Performance-based monthly term agreement – 8 months

The Client must provide a 30-day notice to the Agency to terminate the contract prior to the agreed upon term. A 20% penalty fee on remaining amounts due for duration of contract, based on monthly retainer fee of $8,000, shall be payable for termination of the contract.

All prices quoted are in USD.

Late payments or failure of payments will result in immediate cessation of all work carried out by the Agency. All work remains the sole right of the Agency until payment is made.

Commencement is scheduled on or within 7 days of Today’s Date. By availing of the Agency’s payment plan, both parties agree to the terms of service.

3. Client Responsibility. 

Client will put forth reasonable effort to achieve the action items they set for themselves with the Service Provider. 

4. Terms of Sale.

Client and Service Provider are in agreement that circumstances or conditions sometimes arise that warrant or necessitate termination of the Client-Service Provider working relationship. In view of this possibility, both Client and Service Provider agree that should the relationship terminate, it will be done so in an amicable fashion, maintaining an attitude of cooperation and professional demeanor, with respect for the reputation and dignity of the other party. If notice of termination is given by either Client or Service Provider, no new work shall be initiated.

5. Billing Errors

In the event of a billing error on the part of the Service Provider, steps will be taken immediately to correct the action and bill the Client in accordance with the signed “Service Agreement”. Contact Maven Victor at hello@mavenvictor.com if there has been a billing error.

6. Disputes Resolution

If The Client has any concerns or disputes about the Service, The Client agrees to first try to resolve the dispute by contacting The Service Provider.

7. Refund Policy 

All sales are final and there are no refunds, exchanges or returns, except where guarantee is not met.

8. Release of Liability. 

Maven Victor does not offer medical, legal or other professional advice. All information is intended for educational purposes only. In consideration of my participation in the program, I, my heirs, legatees, assigns, agents, officers, directors, shareholders and co-workers hereby release The Wunder Company, Maven Victor, heirs, assigns, agents, officers, directors, and shareholders, assistant instructors, experts, and teachers, from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action arising from my participation in this agreement. 

9. Breach of Contract and Chargebacks

If any chargeback is filed on any amount of money paid by the Client to the Service Provider, the Client will immediately be in breach of these Terms and Conditions and will be held liable for damages to Maven Victor equal to the full amount charged back plus any merchant processor fees assessed. 

10. Legal Venue. 

Any disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions will be litigated or arbitrated in Ontario, Canada. These Terms and Conditions and the “Service Agreement for Maven Victor Ecommerce Agency” signed by the Client shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Ontario, Canada. 

11. Indemnification 

The Client will, at their own expense, defend, indemnify, and hold Maven Victor, its agents, contractors, and employees harmless from any and all claims, actions, liabilities, injuries, damages, losses, grants, costs, and expenses, including attorney fees, arising out of or in connection with any use of the Services Provided from this Agreement. 

12. Contact Us 

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, You can contact us:

  • By email: hello@mavenvictor.com
  • By phone number: +1 (213) 214 1848
  • Customer service availability: 9am-5pm EST Monday to Friday

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