Nothing quite piques our interest more than campaigns that promote self-love AND inclusivity. As children of the 90s, the “beauty standards” we grew up with are, thankfully, going out of style. Bye-bye, unrealistic Victoria’s Secret standards… Hello, REAL self!

This plays a huge part in why Rimmel London’s recent TikTok campaign #KindandFree was and is successful. Here are some ways you can replicate their success:

  • Create a relatable, fun hashtag challenge
  • Leverage User Generated Content (UGC)
  • Be inclusive in every way
  • Encourage authenticity and individuality
  • Trust your content creator’s video creation prowess – they know how to best speak to their audience
  • Align your brand with values of self-love and self-acceptance
  • Celebrate differences, imperfections and unique qualities

Why does it matter?

There is a very strong cultural shift with what the definition of beauty is. With TikTok, “manufactured” beauty performs poorly in comparison to their no-filter, unique and effortless counterparts. Innovative brands understand this, and now so do you!

Content Examples

Watch these videos to understand their strategy further:

@ling.kt #ad Kind & Free Skin Tint from @rimmellondon is my holy grail drugstore product 😍 #ad #skintint #RimmelLondon #BeKindAndFree #RimmelCleanBeauty ♬ Go Head (Instrumental) – Rocstrong
@nikkililly #ad spending time giving myself some luv and tlc makes me kind, embracing who i am makes me free. what makes u feel #KindAndFree? join the challenge and share yours!! #RimmelLondon @rimmellondon ♬ Kind and Free – Lhotse feat. Charlotte Devaney
@makeupbytammi ad| @rimmellondon Kind & Free Skin Tint is perfect for the everyday natural glowy skin look💙 #BeKindAndFree #RimmelCleanBeauty #RimmelLondon ♬ Go Head (Instrumental) – Rocstrong

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