We’ve talked about how Hooks determine the “watchability” of your video. Particularly in the first 3 to 5 seconds. Here are some unique, brand-centric examples of hooks that capture viewers in the first 3 seconds!


@meimonstaa #ad @Clinique this cleaning balm is THE gift of the season!! Shop at clinique.com  #CliniquePartner #TikTokMadeMeGiftIt ♬ original sound – Mei Mei

Approach: Relatability + User Generated Content


@tiktokbrownchick #ad So the BMW iX has customizable drive modes to match your mood?? Say less. Which mode matches your mood? #CES #BMWiX @bmwusa ♬ original sound – Shuba

Approach: Attention-grabbing + User Generated Content


@24framesofginger #ad @skittles ♬ original sound – Jon Deutsch

Approach: Exciting

In all these examples, each video leveraged a unique, attractive hook that resonates their target customers.

With Clinique, they started with a common, relatable problem and continues on with their solution. BMW’s hook approach is attention-grabbing and entertaining and completes it with its content creator’s viral video storytelling style. Meanwhile, Skittles uses an exciting, news-style hook and then switches to stop-motion to keep the audience curious.

The first 3 to 5 seconds is the first most important part of your ad. Be sure to be true-to-brand and capture their attention right away!

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