About The Client

Pretty Glam Gifts

This Canada-based gift shop was our first client! The company sells cute, viral gifts that their customers can cherish forever. They are the original scented rose bear shop.

These are the services we provided the client.

Product Photography

TikTok Video Content Creation

Shopify Web Design

TikTok Ad Management

The company came to us with a winning product that has sold out multiple times in her local market in Canada, by a previous owner. After taking over, her next step was to reach a wider audience, particularly the US. However, her brand needed a lot of work and her content marketing strategy was not in place.

We wanted to ensure customers had the best experience with her brand, so we did a complete brand overhaul – from TikTok video content creation to Shopify store rebranding to ad management. This strategy brought in both organic and paid ad sales. We have since stopped working together but some of her videos went viral which resulted in organic sales.

The Results

$46,200+ First Month

Winning TikTok Videos

These are some of the videos that performed the best for the ad campaigns. We made sure the branding was on point and we followed our proprietary strategy for viral videos.

OMG! The results were shocking and I barely could keep up with the orders. When I bought the store, I did not expect to see this much in a short period of time. Thank you for changing my life!!!
Pretty Glam Gifts

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