About The Client

Haircare Co.*

This US-based haircare company designed products for curly hair to help bring back lustre and tame frizz, so that their loyal squad can go all natural any time, any day.
*Company has asked to remain anonymous

These are the services we provided the client.

Creative Direction

User Generated Content

TikTok Ad Management

The company came to us with the intention of taking their haircare products national. They already had a smaller, local customer base and had a great social media presence. However, their creatives did not fit the TikTok aesthetic.

We guided them in creating the perfect TikTok video ads. Their strong social media presence helped us tremendously in perfecting their client avatar, making it easy to find the right content creator. We then created their Custom Audience and retargeted them extensively at every stage of their experience with the brand

The Results

$320,000+ Revenue

Thank you so much. We’ve been getting so many orders, we can hardly keep up. Great problem to have, I guess!
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