About The Client

Curvewear Society

This Australia-based shapewear company was our first international client! The company’s mission is to give women the “BBL” body, without the risk and complications of the surgery.

BBL shapewear curve wear kurvwear

These are the services we provided the client.

Creative Direction

TikTok Video Content Creation

TikTok Ad Management

The company came to us to get advice on the best way to market their shapewear to the US and Canada, since they have already found success in their local Australian market. The wanted to use the most effective strategy, to ensure they saved time and effort where possible.

We combined both organic and paid ads marketing. Admittedly, we got lucky very early on because a few of the TikTok videos we developed together went viral. In fact, we had to decrease our ad spend after 2 weeks because they ran out of stock.

The Results

$26,860+ First Week

Winning TikTok Videos

This is the video that performed the best for the ad campaigns. We wanted it to be as native and as relatable as possible.

We were nervous about hiring an agency to manage our budget but Mara made us feel safe and made sure each penny was spent in the most efficient way possible. Our investment paid off tenfolds. We love you!!!
Curvewear Society

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