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All these case studies include either TikTok Creative Direction, Content Creation and/or Ad Management.

Lingerie Co.

$188,000+ Ad Spend
$3.8M Revenue
$140 Average Order Value
20.6x ROAS

BCP Store

$125,000+ Ad Spend
$1.38M December Revenue
8.2x ROAS

Sephora Hair Co.

$155,000+ Ad Spend
$1.40M BFCM Revenue
9.1x ROAS

Pretty Glam Gifts

$7,000 Ad Spend
$46,000+ in the first month
6.6x ROAS

Curvewear Society

6M TikTok Views
$12,000+ Ad Spend
$26,000+ in the first week
7.8x ROAS

Haircare Co.

$32,000 Ad Spend
$320,000+ Revenue
9.2x ROAS


$100 Average Order Value
14.29% Returning Customers

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