About The Client

BCP Store

This locally made general goods company sold trending products for the home, beauty and pets. They sold anything from fancy home decor to car accessories.

These are the services we provided the client.

Creative Direction

User Generated Content

Facebook Ad Management

The company came to us with a starting revenue of $250k in Q3. Their goal was to surpass $1M+ in revenue by December. They launched new products multiple times per month. They wanted to lower their CPA and increase their ROAS.

Every time they launched a new product, we ran a test campaign – broad, different interests, gender, age group. We eventually found a winning combination, and created another campaign using the winning creative. We then increased the budget by 20% daily. This brought us from 6x ROAS to up to 8x.

The Results

$250,000 Starting Revenue

Winning Product Photos

For our Facebook Ads, we opted for a carousel showcasing the top-performing product.
We then also used the cutest product photos in the World.

Pink kids piano girls
White Range Rover Car for Kids
pink christmas tree 6ft
The team has been the best that I’ve worked with. I had poor results from another agency before them. The results they generated exceeded my expectations. Thanks!

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