Audience optimization tips:

Tip #1:
Start your campaign with broad, interest-based audiences to capture a wide enough target pool of engaged users.

Tip #2:
Try different audience segmentations and Custom Audience features. TikTok’s Split Testing tool lets you A/B test results across different audience groups and then hone in on those with best results.

Tip #3:
During your ad group’s Learning Phase, add a 20% buffer to your bid – this allows more scope for the system to test and learn what will work best for your campaign. Don’t panic if the cost increases during this period – it will stabilize over time!

Tip #4
Once you’ve identified a more engaged audience through testing, you can adjust to more precise targeting, and optimize for lower-funnel objectives – this allows qualified audiences to perform mid- to lower-funnel behaviours. If you’re advertising an app, this is a great time to start using App Event Optimization, as it allows you to target specific in-app actions.

While audience optimizations can help to fine-tune performance, always remember that creative is key – and this is especially true on TikTok, where creativity is what fuels our communities. Keep your audience interested by having at least 3-6 creatives for your campaign, and aim to refresh creative every 1-2 weeks.

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